Mum's Marvellous Monster Spray

If you are troubled by Monsters and need a solution, this book is for you. Our family has been using this recipe, to rid us of Monsters, for centuries and it works!

No matter the size or scariness of you monster, we have it covered. Beast, witch, goblin or vampire, they simply go haywire. All with a single spray, of Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray.

This book is for the whole family and contains a fun, interactive recipe, that is used for the elimination of troublesome and scary Monsters.

Amazing children's book!

Wow what an amazing children's book Mum's Marvellous Monster spray is! I have worked in Early Childhood education for many years and have come across 100's of concerned parents and their sleepless children with a fear of monsters in their bedrooms at night. It is difficult to find a children's book to recommend to my families on this topic. After reading this book I will be certain to recommend Mum's Marvellous Monster Spray book to all families that have young children and their teachers. The colourful detailed illustrations and the fun and interactive story line is sure to capture any young child's imagination.

I really liked this book.

I think it is really good for young children to get over their fears of monsters and the dark. It is really good how the book tells you how to make the spray and the pictures are amazing.

Thanks "Monster Spray Mum"

My Granddaughter has a very overactive imagination (which is great) but trying to convince her that there are NO monsters under her bed or in her cupboard can be quite frustrating at times. I am looking forward to reading her this book and using the spray. I think this will do the trick in helping to rid her bedroom of monsters once and for all!!!!

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