Our Monsters

Species – Quadasaur

  • Name – Leroy
  • Age – 45
  • Life Expectancy – 100ish
  • Habitat – Deep Oceans, Storm Water Drains
  • Diet – Fish, Crabs, Seagulls and Socks (yes this is the sock monster!!!)
  • Likes – Winter/Cold weather, Playing Twister and Foot Massages
  • Dislikes – Summer/hot weather, baths & teeth cleaning
  • Weapons used – Soap (he’s allergic) & beating him puzzles/riddles
  • Quadasaurs horns, toenails and teeth will regenerate overnight if broken off. They come in all kinds of colour combinations and no two are the same.
  • They are very competitive and hate being beaten. They originate from Europa.


Species – Cat Vampire

  • Name – Oscar
  • Age – 248
  • Life Expectancy – 1000ish
  • Habitat – Cemeteries
  • Diet – Mice, Birds, Lizards and drinks milk
  • Likes – Playing I spy, cuddles and chasing laser lights
  • Dislikes – Bright lights, being startled and Cats.
  • Weapons used – Garlic (he’s allergic), daylight and torches.
  • Ever heard of the Black Cat Curse? This legend states that, once a Vampire’s path has been crossed nine times, by a black cat, they will become a Cat Vampire.


Species – Sawtooth Arthropod

  • Name – Pinky
  • Age – 34
  • Life Expectancy – 50 as an Arthropod
  • Habitat – Desert areas
  • Diet – Sand, Lizards, road kill & lost shoes
  • Likes – Anything hot and dry, dust storms and reading about Mars
  • Dislikes – Water, clouds & humidity
  • Weapon used – Water (this will prevent her transformation)
  • Pinky dreams of living on Mars and becoming a Sawtooth Tiger Bee after her chrysalis stage, when she turns 50. Because they cannot take a bath they smell, really bad.


Name – Ellie

  • Age – 84
  • Life Expectancy – 165ish
  • Habitat – Anywhere
  • Diet – Small to medium size electrical items.
  • Likes – Playing hide and seek, card tricks and practical jokes
  • Dislikes – Being found, flat batteries and loud noises
  • Weapon used – Concocted Monster Spray
  • Camophants are camouflage monsters that change to blend into their surroundings. They are quick, agile and sneaky.
  • They are very hard to find but you will know you have one around if you can’t find your phone, phone chargers and remotes.
  • A Chamophant will glow for 24 hours if it eats a charging phone with charger.





Name – Mack

  • Age – 189
  • Life Expectancy – 5000ish
  • Habitat – Wompally Trees and caves in deep dark Jungles
  • Diet – Nuts, Wompally fruit and Bats
  • Likes – His belly rubbed, collects shiny objects and snake charming music.
  • Dislikes – His tail being touched, bad manners and anything with salt in it.
  • Weapon used – Salt
  • Snake Dragons hibernate in summer as they don’t like hot weather and sweaty things. He is a very skilful thief and he adorns his tree or cave with the most amazing assortments of gold, silver, diamonds and gems. You can tell the age of a Snake Dragon by the number of fins he/she has on his/her back as they grow one each year.