The Authors



​Being the Parents of two very imaginative little boys our family struggled with “Monsters” & other such nightmares. We searched high and low for answers but came up with nothing that “scratched our itch”.

We decided to take the challenge head on and see what we could come up with as a family. Being busy parents and owners of our jewellery manufacturing business on the Gold Coast in Australia, we found it refreshing to leave work and enter the kid’s world of stories.

Each afternoon when we got home we would sit down and write a page of this story as a family. I would write, Andrew (Dad) would illustrate, Sidney would be our inspiration, critic and editor and William would sit, smile and point, like he was reading the story to us.

The story started to work, Sidney was having less nightmares and we were all getting a lot more sleep. It was great to see that giving him this story and something tactile (the spray bottle) gave him a powerful ally against “Monsters”.